Fathom: to understand after much thought, to measure the depth of.

We believe that comprehensive learning and testing skills should be grounded in the real world and available to everyone for free.

Access to free, top-quality education should be a basic human right. The learning process should prioritize deep understanding of the material. Currently, preparation for college entrance exams like the ACT disadvantages students who can’t afford practice materials and services. The test prep process is often more about a score than about how interesting and useful the content is. 

We want to change that.

Our goal is for you to love Math, English, Science, and Reading more today than you did yesterday through preparing for the ACT. We are committed to producing exceptional, practical content for students of all skill levels and continuously improving based on student input. 

If you deepen your real-world understanding of the content on the ACT after using our site, we will have succeeded.

Our prep materials are and will always be free.



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