Circles and Ellipses Part 2: What Can I Do With Circles and Ellipses?

Photo by Levi XU on Unsplash

What can I do with Circles/Ellipses?

Look around whatever room you are in, and you’ll likely find several objects shaped like circles or ellipses. Countless items and parts are designed to be circular for dozens of different reasons. Glasses and mugs are often circular to allow you to drink from them without spilling. Manufacturers will often choose circular designs to minimize production costs. This is because of every shape with equal area, circles have the shortest perimeter. Some other places you will encounter circles are pie charts, clocks (and clock-math), celestial bodies, and trigonometry. Ellipses most accurately describe the path planets take on their orbits. Circular properties can still appear when there is no physical circle present. Anytime you’re dealing with cycles or repeating/oscillating phenomena (life & death, seasons, water cycle) the concept of circles will show up.