About Us : Mariah Parker

Mariah Parker

Mariah believes that everyone should have access to a high-quality education, no matter their income. It’s a lesson that her grandfather, an immigrant who came to the US pursuing better educational opportunities for his whole family, instilled in her from a young age.

Mariah’s desire to help everyone access a high-quality education naturally drove her towards college and graduate school admissions. She has worked with successful applicants to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and many other top universities. She loves to demystify the college and graduate school admissions process. Outside of admissions, she particularly enjoys teaching science and math and contributing to Fathomr’s blog and course content.

In addition to admissions, Mariah is no stranger to standardized test prep. She is a National Merit Scholar and Presidential Scholar Semifinalist. While preparing for the tests independently, Mariah wished she had a resource like Fathomr, which is why she is building the site today.